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In today's fast-paced world, understanding how technological changes impact culture and business models is crucial. Our Learning Expeditions (LEX) offer a unique solution for individuals or organizations seeking inspiration, insights, and networking opportunities to drive their business transformation.

Whether you're a tech professional or an entrepreneur, our LEX offer the perfect opportunity to step out of your comfort zone, challenge your perspectives, and inspire new ways of thinking.

NYC: A TRUE Learning Hub

New York City's economic might is undeniable; it ranks as the world's tenth-largest economy, a feat matched by its status as the most photographed city globally. However, what truly distinguishes NYC is its unmatched attitude—a pervasive you-can-do-it spirit infusing every corner.

In a LEX in NYC, you'll dive into this vibrant ecosystem, accessing unparalleled opportunities and embracing the city's seize-the-day ethos. NYC's dynamic fusion of culture, innovation, and ambition propels your personal and professional development, fostering an experience that challenges conventions and propels transformative change, akin to thinking in fast-forward mode.

Hüfner. Accelerator of Transformation, Times Square, NYC


At LEX|NYC, we combine the principles of transformative learning with a curiosity-driven approach, leveraging New York City’s vibrant ecosystem. Our Learning Expeditions are carefully curated to offer hands-on experiences, expert guidance, and access to exclusive resources. From interactive workshops and site visits to cutting-edge companies to insightful panel discussions and cultural excursions, each expedition is designed to empower participants to navigate uncertainty, embrace change, and unlock their full potential.

LEX features

​​Curated Experiences | Immerse yourself in meticulously planned 3-5 day journeys tailored to maximize your learning and networking opportunities.

Guided Exploration |  Led by seasoned professionals and local experts, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of various industries and cultural influences.

Interactive Learning | Engage in a variety of workshops, site visits, panel discussions, and cultural excursions providing practical knowledge applicable to your field.

Seamless Logistics | From transportation to itineraries, we handle all logistics, allowing you to focus entirely on your learning journey.

LEX benefits

​Accelerate Innovation | Gain new insights and perspectives to drive innovative solutions.


Practical know-how |  Acquire actionable knowledge and best practices from industry leaders.


Expand Networks | Build valuable connections with key industry players and peers.

Personal and Professional Growth | Challenge norms, adopt a seize-the-day mindset, and experience transformative change.

LEX ROI. Walking and talking are a powerful combination. A LEX is an investment that pays off, generating leads, contracts, partnerships, brand visibility, mental expansion, and cultural appreciation.

OUR diverse clientele  

Signature LEX. Tailored to diverse participants and their unique goals, these expeditions offer invaluable insights, broadening horizons and achieving remarkable outcomes.

Tech & Innovation

Embrace NYC's Tech Leadership


Our most popular LEX is designed for tech professionals and startups, the very reason LEX|NYC was created. Dive deep into NYC's robust tech ecosystem, covering diverse industries from fintech to health tech. Engage with local experts, startups, and leaders to enhance your skills and drive innovation. Discover why NYC is a global technology leader and stay ahead of the curve.

#InnovationMindset #EmergingTechnologies #FinTech #HealthTech #EdTech #GreenTech 


Celebrate Women's Empowerment


NYC ranks as the top city for women entrepreneurs. Our Women-trepreneurs LEX empowers female leaders by immersing them in the city's entrepreneurial ecosystem. Connect with other women entrepreneurs, explore unique business opportunities, and experience the city's spirit of equality and innovation. This LEX is a celebration of women's empowerment and sisterhood.

#WomenEntrepreneurs #Empowerment #Sisterhood

Diversity & Innovation

Champion Diversity for Innovation


Our Diversity & Innovation LEX champions DEI in the workplace. NYC's commitment to diversity fuels its thriving economy, making it the ideal backdrop for exploring DEI initiatives. Learn how to integrate diversity into your organization's culture and practices, translating dialogue into action for positive change.

#DiversityInnovation #DEI #InclusiveLeadership #ExponentialThinking

Tailored LEX. The versatile principles of a Learning Expedition extend beyond tech professionals, benefiting students, expatriates, and incentive groups.


Our Students LEX elevates field trips with expert-led educational experiences. Nurture an entrepreneurial mindset, understand NYC's corporate culture, and make real-world connections. These expeditions prepare students for their future, empowering them through experiential learning.

#StudentLEX #ExperientialLearning #FutureLeaders


Transform your incentive trip with our inspiring LEX. Recognize and reward performance, drive enthusiasm, foster loyalty, and boost productivity. Customized experiences cater to your team's passions, making the trip memorable and impactful.

#IncentiveLEX #EmployeeEngagement #TeamInspiration


Support your move to NYC with our Expat LEX. Adapt to the city's dynamic lifestyle with resources that accelerate relocation timelines and reduce assignment failures. Overcome culture shock and ease family adjustments while embracing American values and daily life in NYC.


#ExpatLEX #CulturalTransition #RelocationSupport


Create a Learning Expedition that perfectly matches your goals. With our expert guidance and NYC's dynamic ecosystem, your LEX will be uniquely yours.

This is the spot. New York City is a hub of creativity, innovation, and diversity. Its vibrant neighborhoods and thriving industries provide a wealth of experiences that we can customize to match your specific interests. Our motto, LEX Get Curious, invites you to explore your curiosity and seize new learning experiences.

Let's discover, learn, and grow together in a city that never ceases to inspire!

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* Topics and themes that could be explored in LEX in NYC.

NYC. It's the Spot.
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