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Embrace the absurd. Times Square, NYC.

"Embrace the absurd."

Time Square, NY 

Concept. LEX|NYC's approach revolves around the concept of transformative learning, which is the process by which experiences lead to profound changes in an individual's belief systems, self-perception, and behavior.

While often challenging, this approach is particularly relevant in today's fast-paced organizations where adaptation to new situations, information, and technologies is crucial


At LEX|NYC, we foster a culture where questions drive action, recognizing the pivotal role of curiosity in transformative learning. We firmly advocate that curiosity is not just a trait but a powerful driver of personal and professional growth. It acts as a catalyst for exploration and innovation, challenging individuals to venture beyond their comfort zones and embrace new possibilities. Through our immersive learning experiences, curiosity becomes the guiding force that propels participants towards profound insights and meaningful transformations.

This approach is not merely about acquiring new skills; it's about cultivating a mindset of continuous curiosity and exploration. Curiosity empowers individuals to navigate uncertainty with a positive mindset. We believe it's the cornerstone of adaptability, resilience, and creativity in today's dynamic world. By embracing curiosity-driven learning, individuals unlock their full potential, seize opportunities, and shape their own paths to success.


Innovative and diverse, New York City is a playground for curiosity and transformation. Its bustling streets and eclectic neighborhoods pulse with energy, attracting dreamers and innovators from around the globe. With the world's largest stock exchange and a booming tech scene, NYC is a hub for startups and entrepreneurs. Its multicultural population, speaking over 800 languages, adds richness to its artistic, culinary, and musical tapestry. In NYC's fast-paced environment, transformative learning flourishes, embracing change and inspiring individuals to adapt and innovate.


Curiosity acts as a guiding force, leading individuals on a journey of discovery, where every corner offers an opportunity to learn, grow, and thrive.

Kozub, New York State Of Mind


Our Learning EXpeditions (LEX) are meticulously designed journeys that harness the synergy of transformative learning, curiosity, and the vibrant ecosystem of NYC to propel individuals and organizations towards their full potential.


  • Transformative Learning in Action | Each LEX is carefully curated to immerse participants in real-world scenarios, challenging them to expand their horizons and break through conventional boundaries. 


  • Curiosity as the Driving Force | Curiosity lies at the heart of every LEX. From visiting innovative startups to engaging with industry leaders, every moment is an opportunity to ask questions and seek understanding.


  • Harnessing NYC's Vibrant Ecosystem | NYC serves as the perfect backdrop for our LEX, offering a rich tapestry of cultures, industries, and ideas, providing fertile ground for inspiration, collaboration, and growth for all.


  • Accelerating Growth and Transformation | We create experiences where growth and transformation are inevitable. Participants leave our expeditions with new perspectives, actionable insights, and renewed purpose, ready to drive change in their lives.


Embark on a Learning Expedition with LEX|NYC and unlock the potential for growth and transformation in the heart of NYC!


LEX isn't just for tech executives and professionals. NYC offers endless opportunities for growth and exploration. Whether you're an entrepreneur, artist, or simply curious, joining a LEX enables you to tackle challenges and reach unexpected goals!

Empower your Professional Journey

  • Accelerate your capacity for innovation

  • Discover the latest trends

  • Envision your company's future

  • Expand your network 

  • Identify best practices

  • Meet with key industry players 

  • Understand NY Tech's ecosystem 

Unlock Personal Growth

  • Be inspired & find purpose

  • Break routine

  • Challenge assumptions

  • Create options 

  • Gain new knowledge

  • Learn by doing

  • Shift your mindset

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