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LEX get curious!

  • What does LEX|NYC stand for?
    LEX|NYC is the combination of LEX & NYC. LEX stands for Learning EXpedition, NYC for New York City - our playground, but we like to use the letter C to refer to our consulting business: LEX|NYConsulting! Et voilà! Also, LEX is pronounced [LEKS] and N.Y.C one letter at a time!
  • What is the meaning of our website color scheme?
    Blue, orange and yellow are a tribute to NYC! Blue & orange are two of the three colors (along with white) of the NYC flag. These colors were originally the colors of the flag of the Dutch Republic and were later carried over to the modern flags of NYC to honor the role that the Dutch played in the development of the city. The yellow is a nod to NYC's famous yellow cabs. Yellow is also the color associated with happiness, excitement, originality, enthusiasm, confidence, hope and creativity... All emotions that make NYC so special! Fun fact: because blue, orange and white are associated with the founding of New York City, many professional sports teams have adopted the same color scheme (Rangers, Giants, Mets, Yankees, Knicks...).
  • Why choose us?
    We're a small agency used to working in a fast-paced environment that offers quality services at a fair rate. We care about our clients and can meet each request exclusively. We are a women-owned business and, while we're particularly committed to supporting women entrepreneurs, we're also resolutely inclusive and eager to work with all identities! P.S. and if it helps, we do speak French!
  • Our Pricing Philosophy
    Because no two businesses are alike, we believe our pricing solutions should not be either. And because we also understand the challenges of running a small business, we are committed to tailoring each project's pricing to our clients' most important needs. Our pricing plans don't require unreasonable contracts, only finding a formula that works for you!
  • What are Learning Expeditions?
    Learning Expeditions (LEX) are immersive trips to an innovation hotspot for a group of tech and executive professionals looking for inspiration, ideas and connections. The objective of LEXs is to observe and understand the culture and practices of a variety of organizations in their immediate environment. As such, they are excellent platforms for anticipating and meeting the challenges of a changing world. At LEX|NYC, we bring this powerful development tool to a wider audience: groups of like-minded people who want to experience the extraordinary creative energy of New York to accelerate a personal project! Embark on a LEX with your tribe or family!
  • LEX highlights
    Our expeditions range from 3 to 5 days. Each expedition consists of 3 to 5 activities per day: meetings with speakers, workshops, team building, visits, debriefs or networking events. The meetings take place in an innovative location or at the company that hosts us (startups, large firms, academia, venture funds...). * Whenever possible, we can also arrange shorter expeditions for small groups or families. The pace is quite intense, which is why we call it an expedition and not a cruise!
  • LEX services
    We provide a fully integrated, customized service to optimize your time with us: Identification of the needs and the mission, Research and selection of key players to meet, Program planning, On-site coordination (planning and transportation), Mission facilitation (coaching, debriefing and feedback sessions), Planning of the closing night (networking evening), Roadbook (electronic format).
  • LEX budget
    $3,000 to $5,000 per person, depending on the duration and type of expedition. What is not included? - Airfare - Airport transfer - Accommodation - Meals - Ground transportation (subway pass or taxi) - Activities that are not organized or led by us - Tips We would, however, gladly help you plan your trip based on your needs or interests: hotel recommendations, or things to see, do and explore while in New York...
  • LEX timeframe
    > First, you need to determine the date for your trip - we can help you identify the best time frame for your topic. We will then collaborate through a 5-step process to create your own memorable expedition. 1. Requirements gathering and scope of the mission.
 2. Identification of organizations and key players to meet. 3. Program design.
 4. Logistics ( schedule and commute management).
 5. Roadbook > Creating a LEX usually takes 2-6 months, depending on the topic. Our hosts' and speakers' agendas are usually booked months in advance, so it is essential to plan ahead. The same applies to events that you may wish to include in the LEX.
  • Do I need to purchase trip insurance?
    We strongly recommend that you purchase an insurance to protect your travel investment. Travel insurance can offer financial protection for trip cancellation and interruption, as well as assistance should you require medical treatment while traveling or encounter travel delays or baggage loss. Note that you may already have coverage through your work, credit card or annual travel policy.
  • Group size
    Groups of 8 to 12 participants make it easier to get around the city, as we mainly use the subway to commute to our destinations. A smaller group also allows real bonding between participants and with the host community. We also welcome smaller groups for 2-3 day LEX trips.
  • Do you organize LEX in other cities?
    We specialize in the New York ecosystem and work with partners for the organization of LEX in France (Lille, Occitanie, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur). Contact us for more information!
  • How is curiosity the core element of your workshops?
    Because curiosity triggers our desire for learning! Curiosity is the core value that inspires everything we do at LEXNYC! We believe that asking questions drives action and enables one to approach uncertainty with a positive attitude. Did you know? Intellectual curiosity and learnability are highly desirable skills on LinkedIn today!
  • What's Coachulting?
    Coachulting is a hybrid solution for business transformation that combines coaching and consulting services within the same engagement. This holistic approach allows our team to empower you to build a successful business that truly aligns with your life priorities. And, no, we are not the ones who coined that word!
  • Who do we help?
    LEX|NYC supports the creation and growth of micro, solo and small businesses that are unsure of what to do next. ​ Whether you own a business and want to expand it, are starting a new activity, or are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, we can help!
  • Coachulting fees
    The first 30-minute phone call is on us! We offer flat rate services (per project or per hour) and payment plans for packaged solutions. Our typical hourly rate is $120 and you can book multiple hours for a discounted price. At LEX|NYC, we know the challenges of running a small business and price each project based on your needs & expectations. We're often able to work within budget as long as everyone is fair and reasonable!
  • What is the typical process for working with a new client?
    We like to start with a complimentary conference call so we can see if we're a good match for working together! We ask lots of questions to understand where you've been, where you are at, and where you want to go! We then develop a 3-step action plan to help you move forward in your life and business.
  • Why should an entrepreneur work with a small business consultant?
    Running a small business is challenging because of the sheer number of tasks required to succeed: It's just not possible to do it all alone! Whether you need help or perspective for your business or a catalyst for change, LEXNYC can help you overcome challenges, improve performance and efficiency, and create solutions to achieve your goals.
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