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about. LEX|NYC, based in Brooklyn, New York, is a transformative learning consulting agency founded in 2019. We redefine learning through curiosity-driven experiences, facilitating shifts in mindset and behavior for individuals, organizations, and educational institutions.


Specializing in tailor-made learning expeditions, we accelerate transformation and drive innovation, empowering you to confidently propel your projects forward.

Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY

"Conquering inner demons and life'schallenges." Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY #solus

At LEX|NYC, diversity and inclusion aren't catchphrases; they're fundamental values. As a women-owned agency, we take pride in our diverse team and clientele, enriching every project with unique perspectives. Our commitment to inclusivity drives us to offer tailored solutions, empowering clients to address biases through conscious leadership.


Through curiosity-driven learning, we aim to cultivate a society where individuals adapt and thrive, taking ownership of their impact and having equal opportunities for participation and representation.


To empower individuals and organizations to lead with curiosity, driving growth and transformation through innovative learning experiences that nurture connections.

We are a team of inquisitive minds and effective doers, bound together by an insatiable thirst for learning and a passion for challenges. Curiosity is the guiding force behind everything we do. We thrive on questions and the energy they create. There's nothing more rewarding than witnessing our clients' growth and accomplishments.

Julie Filiot-Luyindula - Founding Partner 

Julie, co-founder of LEX|NYC, played a pivotal role in establishing our agency's foundation. Her contributions to our values and vision continue to inspire our work.

Magalie Chassard - Founder & Principal Consultant

Magalie, the visionary force behind LEX|NYC, is not your typical consultant – she's a catalyst for transformation. With a diverse background that includes roles as a health coach, interior designer, and even collaborations with music legend Madonna, Magalie brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to every project.

Her journey, shaped by 17 global relocations, has instilled in her a deep understanding of the power of change and adaptation. Magalie's expertise lies in designing innovative programs that foster creative thinking, cultural competence, and leadership development. She believes in empowering clients to navigate challenges, transforming them into opportunities.


Embracing challenges with a fearless spirit, Magalie embodies the belief that the sky's the limit and failure is just a natural part of growth. Her insatiable curiosity and dedication to continuous learning shine through in her work, inspiring others to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of life and business with confidence and resilience.

Magali Leblond

Magali Leblond - Director of Client Relations (France)

Magali leads client relations in France, bringing invaluable expertise to our team. With a deep understanding of Normandy's innovative ecosystem, her home region, she plays a vital role in fostering collaboration between LEX|NYC and Normandy's thriving business community."

By partnering with Normandy, we unlock boundless innovation potential for both regions, bridging NYC's dynamic marketplace with Normandy's strategic gateway to Europe, and uniting two locales with a shared entrepreneurial spirit.

This collaboration celebrates the union of New York City's iconic Big Apple with Normandy's famed apples, promising fruitful results – both metaphorically and literally!

Statue of Liberty loves Normandy

We believe in the power of collaboration, recognizing that diversity strengthens our ability to deliver impactful solutions. This ethos extends to both our partnerships with consultants and our relationships with clients.

Our consultants are trusted partners, chosen for each project's specific requirements. We always welcome fresh ideas and partnerships to further our innovative solutions. Reach out to explore partnership!

Through collaboration, we evolve to meet clients' needs, reflected in feedback with 95% reporting significant improvements. See what our Clients & Partners have to say about us.

Ready to accelerate your transformation? LEX unleash your curiosity and embark on a transformative journey with us today!

Kobra, West Village, NY


West Village, NY, #Kobra

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