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In today's fast-paced world, organizations need to understand the challenges of technology change and how it affects their culture, anticipating its impact on their business model.

At LEX|NYC, we offer a unique solution to address these needs through Learning EXpeditions (LEX), immersive trips designed for tech professionals seeking inspiration, insights, and networking to drive their business transformation.


What's even more exciting is that we've extended this powerful development tool to a wider audience: groups of like-minded individuals who want to experience the extraordinary creative energy of New York and accelerate their projects!

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New York City's economic prowess is truly remarkable; if it were a country, it would rank as the world's tenth-largest economy. It's also the most photographed city globally. But what truly sets NYC apart is its unique attitude – a "you-can-do-it" spirit that permeates every corner of the city.


During a LEX in NYC, you'll immerse yourself in this thriving ecosystem, gaining access to unparalleled opportunities and adopting the city's seize-the-day mindset. NYC's dynamic blend of culture, innovation, and ambition accelerates your personal and professional growth, offering an experience that challenges norms and drives transformative change, much like thinking in fast forward mode.

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LEX Logistics

A typical learning expedition with LEX|NYC is a carefully curated 3-5 day immersive experience designed to maximize learning and networking opportunities. During these expeditions, participants can expect to engage in an average of 3-5 events per day, ranging from interactive workshops, site visits to cutting-edge companies, insightful panel discussions, and cultural excursions. These activities are meticulously organized to provide a diverse and enriching experience, ensuring participants gain valuable insights into their specific areas of interest.

Our expeditions are led by seasoned professionals and local experts, providing a comprehensive understanding of the various industries and cultural influences that make New York City a thriving ecosystem for innovation. Participants can expect to interact with prominent figures, engage in hands-on learning experiences, and gain practical knowledge that can be directly applied to their respective fields.

From transportation to itineraries, we manage all the logistics, allowing you to focus on your learning journey and the exceptional opportunities New York City provides.


Walking and talking are a powerful combination. A LEX is an investment that pays off, generating leads, contracts, partnerships, brand visibility, personal growth, mental expansion, and cultural appreciation.

LEX nexus  

We proudly serve a diverse clientele, providing Learning Expeditions for tech professionals, as well as tailored experiences for like-minded groups. Our LEX programs encompass a wide range of topics, spanning various industries, roles, and business scenarios.


While our roots are in the tech ecosystem, we have expanded our offerings to cater to those who share our passion for exploring NYC's diverse ecosystem. Whether you're a tech professional, an effective leader, or part of a like-minded tribe, our versatile LEX programs can meet your specific needs.

OUR signature lex

Challenge the status quo and drive mindset change with our 3 signature LEX experiences!

New York City's Tech Ecosystem by the Numbers as of 2022.

  • Over 14,000 tech startups

  • $20+ billion in venture capital investment.

  • 350,000+ tech-related jobs.

  • 40% of businesses were women-owned.

  • Over 660,000 women-owned businesses.

  • NYC ranked among top cities for women entrepreneurs.

  • Diverse leadership boosted profitability by 33% in 2022.

  • A 45% increase in businesses promoting DEI.

  • NYC's diverse workforce: 200+ nationalities driving innovation.

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New York City, a global technology leader, offers a vibrant tech ecosystem that's remarkably resilient, even in the face of global challenges. Our Tech & Innovation LEX invites tech executives and professionals to embark on an immersive journey into this dynamic landscape.


Explore the city's rich history, from its origins as a military port to a financial powerhouse, and learn how it continues to reinvent itself. Engage with local experts and startups, gain insights into the thriving tech sector valued at $147 billion, and connect with the world's most dynamic startup ecosystem after Silicon Valley.


Our LEX is for those looking to enhance their skills, learn about recent innovations, and build connections with local leaders.





Dell's Women Entrepreneur Cities Index ranks NYC as the best place for women entrepreneurs. Our Women-trepreneurs LEX empowers female entrepreneurs to tap into this boundless potential. NYC's entrepreneurial environment offers equality of opportunity, with women creating 40% of the city's businesses.


This program provides a bonding environment where you can immerse yourself in NYC's cultural and entrepreneurial ecosystem while enjoying the inspiring interlude of sisterhood. It's not just about gender equality; it's about women's empowerment.


Discover the strength to go beyond individual existence and gain power, as part of a global community of successful women.





Embracing diversity and inclusion is vital for business innovation and success. Organizations that integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) into their culture and practices have been shown to be more profitable. Our Diversity & Innovation LEX focuses on promoting DEI in the workplace.


Explore New York City's commitment to diversity, which fuels its thriving economy. This LEX is designed for professionals and organizations looking to launch, refine, and sustain DEI initiatives.


Dive into this transformative learning experience, where you can translate dialogue into action and lead positive change.



We offer tailored LEX experiences for students, incentives, and expats, catering to a wide range of individual and organizational needs.



Elevate your field trip with our expert-led educational LEX.


Our Students LEX focuses on nurturing an entrepreneurial mindset, understanding NYC's corporate culture, experiencing student life, and exploring the city.


These expeditions offer students opportunities to make real-world connections, preparing them for their future while empowering their core beliefs through experiential learning. Our custom-tailored expeditions provide students with a unique educational experience and boost their curricula.



Transform your next incentive trip into an inspiring journey of exploration with our Incentive LEX.


Designed to recognize and reward performance, these expeditions drive enthusiasm, foster loyalty, and boost business productivity. Our team creates customized solutions, scours NYC for unique experiences, and inspires employees by catering to their passions and interests.


Make your incentive trip memorable, bolstering self-esteem, performance, and emotional connection. 



Moving to NYC offers incredible opportunities, but it comes with challenges, especially for families.


Our Expat LEX supports expatriates during their cultural transition and family readiness, helping you adapt to American values and daily life in NYC.


We provide valuable resources that accelerate relocation timelines and reduce assignment failures, including support for handling culture shock and family adjustments.


Imagine a Learning EXpedition that seamlessly aligns with your aspirations and goals. With our expert guidance and the rich tapestry of New York City's diverse ecosystem, you have the power to create this unique experience.

This is the spot. New York City stands as a symbol of creativity, innovation, and diversity. From the vibrant neighborhoods and cultural influences to the thriving industries, this city offers an abundance of experiences waiting to be tailored to your specific interests.


Our motto, "LEX Get Curious", invites you to embark on a personalized journey that opens the door to fresh perspectives and learning opportunities. Here, you're not limited by traditional boundaries; instead, you're free to explore your curiosity and create an LEX that's uniquely yours.


As the second most dynamic startup ecosystem in the world and a hub of cultural fusion, New York City provides the ideal backdrop for your LEX adventure. Let's discover, learn, and grow together in a city that never ceases to inspire.

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Cultural Fusion

Financial Capital

Fashion & Design

Art & Creativity

Health & Wellness

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