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LEARNINg expeditions


Welcome to LEX|NYC

We empower you to grow through learning via curiosity in NYC.

We help you drive transformation by connecting you with the relevant people, organizations and ideas.



WE empower


WE accelerate


We believe that Curiosity leads to learning.

Curiosity is widely associated with change and transformation. It makes us grow, invent and discover for the future. It leads to exploration, learning, and innovation.

And with innovation across all industries, New York's ecosystem brings together valuable information, inspiring events, rich data, and active global communities that will help you expand your mind, challenge your ideas, and find new perspectives.


Be curious, be amazed, be inspired and come to America's greatest city: like most things in New York, you have to see it to believe it! 


We know that CuriositY is a diversity & inclusion booster.

Curiosity opens the door to different perspectives, facilitates understanding, invites involvement and inspires greater commitment.


With 800 languages spoken, New York's culture and thriving business ecosystem are a testament to the stimulating effects of its diverse and multicultural population!


LEX|NYC values

Curiosity is one of the most important political tools we have at our disposal. 

Zurn & Shanker

We recognize that learning is fundamental to human flourishing and strive to support learning opportunities with the tools we create.

We empower each other through partnership and collaboration and leverage our clients' accomplishments to continually improve our programs.

We spark curiosity to turn experiences into emotions and make people more receptive to learning.

We foster community by creating opportunities for connection, relationships and belonging among our clients and partners.

We seek to design solutions that can meet a diversity of needs and contexts, mindful of our clients' culture and capabilities.

We aim to build a more caring world, and feel good about it. We want our clients to enjoy their experience and have fun.

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