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explorE NYC


Welcome to LEX|NYC ! We're passionate about curiosity, seeing it as the catalyst for transformative growth, both personally and professionally. Our aim is to connect you with the right people, ideas, and organizations, sparking change and progress.

OUR strategic pillars  

Nurturing Inspiration

Fuel creativity and explore new horizons.

Empowering Change

| Take innovative ideas and turn them into reality.

Accelerating Action 

| Gain momentum and bring plans to life faster.

OUR Solutions 

Learning Expeditions 

| Embark on immersive curated journeys.


| Harness curiosity to drive innovation. 

Consultative Coaching

| Tailored guidance for growth.


Curiosity isn't just a trait—it's a powerful tool driving exploration, learning, and innovation. It's also key to diversity and inclusion, opening doors to new perspectives and sparking engagement. Curiosity propels us forward.


In New York City, where over 800 languages are spoken, diversity isn't just accepted—it's woven into everyday life, fueling a vibrant business scene where ideas collide and innovation thrives. Explore New York City's vibrant scene, attend inspiring events, access valuable resources, and connect with dynamic communities. Each encounter is a chance to broaden your outlook, embrace change, and grow.

Embrace curiosity and discover America's greatest city—it's an experience beyond words, one you must see to believe!

OUR values

 " Curiosity is one of the most important political tools we have at our disposal. " (Zurn & Shanker)


| Continuous growth is essential.


| Collaborative support for full potential.


| It's the heart of transformation.


| Belonging and connection are vital.


| Solutions should meet diverse needs.


| Enjoy the journey and create positive experiences.

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