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As the world faces rapid transformation in jobs, work practices, and skills, organizations must learn to foster a culture of curiosity to encourage ongoing learning as a key to future success.

Indeed, research shows that organizations that nurture their employees' desire to learn are 30% more likely to be ultimately  leaders in their industries.


Intellectual curiosity and learnability are highly desirable skills on LinkedIn today.

We facilitate workshops to help leaders develop a learning culture within their organization by encouraging critical thinking, goal setting and reflection in their teams.

Business Benefits of curiosity

decision making

curious people are more likely to consider different alternatives

innovation & positive change

constructive suggestions lead to workplace improvements


people expressing curiosity are less stressed & feel more confident


curiosity is strongly correlated with the ability to adapt to changing environments

problem solving

curious people ask more questions


curiosity fosters empathy among colleagues which leads to stronger working relationships

open communication

curious people listen more carefully and share information more openly

intellect development 

people who are inquisitive tend to learn more and faster

A quirky monkey lamp illuminates the hal

Many CEOs cite people challenges as the main hurdle to achieving their goals. 

Rather than being content-driven, our workshops empower participants to anticipate change, manage uncertainty, shift values, appreciate diversity and demonstrate empathy.

  • Learn by doing & with the best experts

  • Connect with & learn from a community

  • Embrace the unknown & experience growth

  • Accelerate your transformation 

 Tailor-made program 

French or English

Online or in-person

Practical, science-based tools

Inspiring, interactive & engaging

Explore. grow. change.

We tailor our events to meet the needs & goals of your organization.

Past topics

Cultural Awareness

Cultural Competency

Dealing with change

Diversity Empowerment

Diversity in Leadership

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Expat & Cross-Culture

Growth Mindset

Leading change

Leading Innovation
Leading for Equity & inclusion

Resilience in Business

Stress & Energy Management

Team Collaboration

​Team Communication

Unconscious Bias​

Women in Leadership
Women in Business

Workplace Culture


Work-Life Balance

Special Spark (?)

New York has it for sure and we'll find out for you!


Shifting Mindset Serie
The Expat Experience
- onsite/online -

“When global meets local - Adapting to international transitions requires cultural competence.”


Act like a New Yorker Serie
Women Business Booster
- onsite/online -

6 weeks to master NYC entrepreneurial mindset: discover your potential and practice your leadership skills to develop your project with confidence and maximize your chances of success.

Image by Stacie Clark

Shifting Mindset Serie
The Science of Well-Being 
onsite/online -

“How happier, healthier mindsets fuel success.” Inspired by Yale University famous course. 

Image by Amy Shamblen

Act like a New Yorker Serie
Cross-Cultural Adjustment
- onsite/online -

This convivial workshop aims at helping French nationals  and their families to overcome cultural challenges in their everyday life when interacting not only with the American values but with the cultural specificity of NYC also. 

Image by Alexander Grey

Shifting Mindset Serie
 DEI & Belonging 
- onsite/online -

“Change the conversation -

How to address current diversity issues & implicit bias. And why belonging matters.” 

Image by Yuri Bodrikhin

Act like a New Yorker Serie
Diamond District
- Themed Experience/onsite -

This intimate group tour offers an educational experience to engage curious attendees with jewelry in NYC, through visits to hidden gems venues  and going behind-the scenes at showrooms and museums.

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