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Learn and lead. Transformative learning is the idea that an experience can lead to a change in a person's belief systems, self-image or behavior. 

The process is often difficult and uncomfortable, as we are forced to confront our convictions.

We believe this approach is particularly relevant in organizations where team members must continually adapt to new situations, information and technologies. 

What is going on? What do we need? What better future can we imagine?

We are grounded in curiosity and create scenario-based learning experiences where individuals can safely engage in a new and challenging situation and then be guided through self-reflection to new behaviors.

Our Learning EXpeditions (LEX) are a catalyst for positive change and can help you gain impact and agility. 



The objective of LEXs is to observe and understand the culture and practices of a variety of organizations in their immediate environment. As such, they are excellent platforms for anticipating and meeting the challenges of a changing world.

LEXs are 3-5 day themed trips designed to take participants out of their comfort zone and into the future.


Inspiring places, influential leaders, upcoming trends...
Participants are
empowered to transform their ideas in record time!

A LEX is an accelerator for transformation!

Image by Toa Heftiba

A culture of curiosity - we believe that asking questions is what drives action. It empowers people to approach uncertainty with a positive attitude and it stimulates our desire for knowledge! 

Our LEX will broaden your mind to different opinions & lifestyles. They will help you gain new perspectives and skills that will enrich both your personal and professional life.

New York's ecosystem: unique and diverse.

With its many industries, cultural influences & backgrounds, the Big Apple offers an endless source of growth & innovation for all.


Mindset & core values.

A LEX is such a powerful tool for change and collective construction that we wanted non-professionals to benefit from it as well [LEX Tribe].

So whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, getting on a LEX creates a dynamic that will allow you to take on challenges and achieve unexpected goals!

LEX Like-Minded Tribe 

  • Be inspired & find purpose

  • Break routine

  • Challenge assumptions

  • Create options 

  • Gain new knowledge

  • Learn by doing

  • Shift your mindset

LEX Tech Professionals

  • Accelerate your capacity for innovation

  • Discover the latest trends

  • Envision your company's future

  • Expand your network 

  • Identify best practices

  • Meet with key industry players 

  • Understand NY Tech's ecosystem 

The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows. 

- just like learning expeditions! 

Sydney J. Harris

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