In today's fast-paced world, organizations must understand the challenges of technological change & anticipate its impact on their business model.

Learning Expeditions (LEX) are immersive trips to an innovation hotspot for a group of professionals seeking inspiration, insights & networking.

Accelerator for transformation!

Inspiring places, influential leaders, upcoming trends...
Participants are
empowered to transform their ideas in record time!



The objective of LEXs is to observe & better understand the culture & organizational practices of businesses in their immediate environment. They're great platforms to anticipate & meet the challenges of a changing world.

LEXs are 3-5 day themed trips designed to empower participants to step out of their comfort zone & move forward.

Image by Ajay Parthasarathy

A powerful tool for driving change & collective construction

... that we want to bring to non-tech professionals also.

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A culture of curiosity - we believe that asking questions is what drives action. It empowers people to approach uncertainty with a positive attitude & it stimulates our desire for knowledge! 

Our LEX will broaden your mind to different opinions & lifestyles. They will help you gain new perspectives & skills that will enrich both your personal & professional life.

A uniquely diverse ecosystem.

With its many industries, cultural influences & backgrounds, New York offers an endless source of growth & innovation for all.


Mindset & core values.

Whether it's a business or leisure trip, embarking on a LEX creates a dynamic to take on challenges and achieve unexpected goals

LEX Tribe & Family

  • Be inspired & find purpose

  • Break routine

  • Challenge assumptions

  • Create options 

  • Gain new knowledge

  • Learn by doing

  • Shift your mindset

LEX Tech Professionals

  • Accelerate your capacity for innovation

  • Discover the latest trends

  • Envision your company's future

  • Expand your network 

  • Identify best practices

  • Meet with key industry players 

  • Understand NY Tech's ecosystem 

The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows. 

[ just like learning expeditions! ]

Sydney J. Harris