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[Consultative coaching]


LEX|NYC offers a holistic approach to business transformation by offering our clients coaching and consulting services as part of the same engagement.

Our hybrid solution combines counseling, mentoring and guidance to help you and your business grow to your highest potential.


Small businesses need to keep up with today's fast-paced world. Coachulting is a smart, cost-effective way to help you do it.


Professional mentor




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As a coachultant, we guide you to decide what you want to do, and we teach you how to do it.


Vision - we empower you to build a successful business that truly aligns with your life priorities.

Using both a coach & consultant can lead to a disconnect in recommendations. 

Coachulting brings coherence & greater focus on the individual while tackling business issues.

Who do we help?

LEX|NYC supports the creation and growth of micro, solo and small businesses that are unsure of what to do next.

Whether you own a business and want to expand it, are starting a new activity, or are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, we can help!

How we can help?

Think of us as your "personal trainer": we provide the guidance and structure you need to reach your business goals and ensure sustainable success. 

We motivate and hold you accountable so you can focus on your action plan.

We work with you on various business challenges such as opportunity identification, visioning, business strategy and planning, competitor analysis, financing, leadership, cultural risks, DE&I, social responsibility, corporate wellness, etc.

How we do it?

We deliver clear answers, concrete tools and new skills for real results. 

- We  explore both problems and solutions collaboratively.

- We keep things affordable and flexible.

What to expect?

- To work hard - coachulting is not a passive process, you'll have to take action to see results!

- A customized experience - we tailor our services to your specific needs and goals.

- Regular check-in - we're very good at holding our clients accountable! 

- To be challenged - we'll push you to reach your full potential. You Can Do It!

- Virtual sessions - we offer our 1:1 online support to clients worldwide via video conferencing.

- Results - coachulting is an investment that pays off!

What do we charge?

At LEX|NYC, we know the challenges of running a small business and price each project based on our client's needs & expectations. Our coaching plans do not require unreasonable contracts, but only rate-based packages that fit you. 

Our initial 2-hour work session starts at $450 and includes a preliminary review of the documents or website.

ROI through coachulting: greater than the cost ! 


3 reasons you'll love working with a smaller agency!

1. We are ultra responsive and able to act quickly.

2. We are cost-effective because we have low overhead.

3. We can tailor our expertise to your needs.

And our clients include a wide variety of industries and business types.

Curious, have questions or ready to take action?


Book a free 30-minute conference call to discuss everything you need to know about starting and growing your business with us!

​​​+ If you are looking for dynamic facilitation to bring a program to life or to design and manage a project, please check our workshops. 

We also offer group coachulting for expatriate women entrepreneurs.

New York City, the world capital of women entrepreneurship! 


Support, research, business development, networking, leadership training, strategy, web design... Business Booster is an acceleration program that helps ambitious expatriate women to identify and address their unique challenges while developing the mindset, vision & communication skills needed to succeed!


The Business Booster program is designed for expat entrepreneurs and creators who are embarking on entrepreneurship as an alternative to corporate employment!

After struggling to create a growth strategy plan for my business, I hired Magalie as a consultant. It wasn't always easy, but she consistently delivered the right balance of support, guidance and insight. Not only do I have a business plan, I also have a vision for myself and my business. Magalie is very competent and versatile.  Amy S. (Retail store owner, Boston)

The opportunity to reflect and learn with my peer group was invaluable. We were able to both share our successes and failures and draw on each other's experiences. It's an opportunity that doesn't come around often. This phase of the program ensures that we're prepared for the individual coaching sessions! Delphine B. (Online business, Abidjan)

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