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LEX|NYC is a forward-thinking consulting agency based in the heart of Brooklyn, New York, committed to transformative learning driven by curiosity. Our mission is to craft tailor-made learning experiences, with a special focus on Learning Expeditions (LEX). These journeys are meticulously designed to spark personal and professional growth, inspiring individuals and organizations while fostering innovation.

New York, where dreams come to life, is the perfect backdrop for your journey of self-discovery. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned professional, dare to dream big and embark on this exciting adventure with us!


Our core purpose is to facilitate transformative learning, encouraging people to go beyond the mere acquisition of knowledge and motivating them to reflect, challenge, and transform the status quo. 

At the heart of our approach is curiosity, the life force that drives and sustains us, propelling us into the realm of inquiry. Curiosity is the bridge builder that opens up new and exciting conversations.


Shift mindsets through curiosity-driven learning to build a more resilient, responsible, and inclusive society.

Committed to creating a more inclusive culture, LEX|NYC offers a range of solutions to help clients address individual and organizational biases using conscious leadership skills.

Leadership is about curiosity.

Curiosity empowers us to respond creatively to challenges, fosters a positive approach to uncertainty, and helps overcome biases and stereotypes by creating new alternatives.


Empower people and organizations through learning driven by curiosity, recognizing that leadership and curiosity are intertwined.

We are a team of inquisitive minds and effective doers, bound together by an insatiable thirst for learning and a passion for challenges. Curiosity is the guiding force behind everything we do. We thrive on questions and the energy they create. The most rewarding aspect of our work is witnessing our clients' growth and success.

Julie Filiot-Luyindula

founder & ex-project manager

Julie co-founded LEX|NYC with Magalie and later seized a valuable career opportunity, yet her invaluable talent continues to influence our journey!

Magalie Chassard

founder & managing partner

Magalie is a seasoned learning consultant, facilitator, and entrepreneurial coach specializing in cross-cultural learning. Her expertise extends to designing innovative programs in creative thinking, cultural competence, leadership, and innovation.


With a deep understanding of competitive intelligence, Magalie understands the pivotal role of change in achieving peak performance. Her passion lies in empowering clients to make well-informed decisions and transform challenges into opportunities

Magalie, with 17 global relocations, is also a certified health coach, an accomplished interior designer, a Zumba aficionado, and boasts a decade-long collaboration with music legend Madonna.

Collaborative Approach

Embracing Diversity & Fresh Ideas

At LEX|NYC, we embrace diversity and celebrate the strength it brings. Our consultants are our trusted partners, and we collaborate with experts whose skills best align with the specific requirements of each project.


We're always open to fresh ideas and partnerships that enhance our ability to provide innovative solutions. If you have a proposal or concept you'd like to explore with us, we'd love to hear from you.



And what other city can bolster learning & discovery better than New York?

Image by Monika Kozub

The Big Apple is a city of extremes and superlatives, constantly reinventing itself! Diverse, vibrant, electric, magnetic, magical, spectacular, inventive, powerful... NeW York is the city that never sleeps and where dreams are made! 

LEX|NYC is honored to be a part of this dynamic community that collaboratively and resourcefully tackles challenges and recognizes the value of collective solutions. Together, we shape a more resilient and inclusive future.

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